Blow Yourself Away

The Most Erotic Women-Centered Blowjob Videos

These videos are part of the book, Blow Yourself Away: Turn Blowjobs Into Mind-Blowing Sex FOR YOURSELF (Woodpecker Media 2016). Due November 1, 2016.

Ladies, the whole point of the book is to learn how to enjoy a hard penis on your terms, without feeling pressured to do or act in ways that aren’t comfortable, comforting or sexually exciting. We provide these videos as examples of women who LOVE giving head, not just for the satisfaction of DELIVERING pleasure but of receiving it.

So much of porn shows blowjobs as a degrading, humiliating aspect that women have to put up with to please their man. These videos were specifically chosen to show the opposite–that women can give head as a way to satisfy their OWN sexual needs. Notice how much the women are enjoying themselves.

How cool is that, ladies? The power center shifts to you. Enjoy!











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