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how to talk dirty to a man



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talking dirty to males

Is This You?

Let’s face it; most men love to be talked dirty to. But many women either think that talking dirty is embarrassing, that it doesn’t fit their personality, or that it will make them look slutty. These barriers prevent millions of women from having an exciting and vibrant sex life. Talking dirty isn’t just about feeling adventurous, it’s about pleasing your man and being confident in your own skin and in your relationship. It’s a unique way to communicate during an intimate moment and can work wonders in the bedroom.

You’re Too Self Conscious about Your Body

You may know the right things to say, but you don’t think they’ll be sexy because you’re not happy about your body. You may think, if I don’t feel sexy, how can I BE sexy? It’s not easy to force dirty talk if you don’t feel it. Being conscious of your body can prevent you from taking that next step in the bedroom and you may be missing out on something you two will thoroughly enjoy.

You Have No Idea What to Say

You’re willing to talk dirty, but don’t know what to say or how to say it. You’ve always thought it would be sexy to whisper something dirty into his ear to get him aroused, but you’re a fish out of water when it comes to dirty talk. It’s important to know what gets him going and don’t worry, talking dirty is a skill you can hone over the years. Just like you learned how to have great sex over time, you can become a better “sexy dirty” talker too with practice.

You Won’t Sound Sexy When You Talk Dirty To Your Man

Talking intimately to your partner seems like the ideal thing to do, but you may be worried that whatever comes out of your mouth will not arouse him or that he won’t find it sexy. You come up with a few lines in your head and are ready to say them at the right moment, but then you hold back because you’re embarrassed. What if it doesn’t sound as sexy as you think it will? And how do you know what the right words are that’ll get him going?

You’re Afraid You Will Lose His Respect

You two respect each other and speak to each other with lots of love-you’s, please’s, and thanks you’s. So you think that talking dirty may affect the way he talks to you and treats you. You assume that an aggressive “Do me harder” may make him treat you like more of an object than a lover. So how do you talk dirty and continue to garner his respect and admiration?

You Find Dirty-Talk Awkward

Whether you have recently started a relationship or have been in one for a while, you feel awkward when you say something dirty to him. It may be what you’re saying or the reaction you’re getting or not getting from your man; it’s making sex awkward between you two. So how do you turn that awkwardness into electric sensuality?



lips on lips

What if You Could Instantly Seduce Him With a Few Words?

Your sex would be a million times hotter. You both would have earth-shattering orgasms every time you have sex. He would want you with him and near him all the time, giving you confidence in your relationship.

You’d Have Him Wrapped around Your Finger

Whether you’re in or out of bed, your ability to deliver the right words in the right tone will create a scintillating attraction between you two. Even when you’re not talking sexy to him, he knows you have the ability and skill to do it.

Sex Would Be More Intimate

There is something about talking dirty that really helps a couple get comfortable with each other. The implications of talking intimately, whether it’s in a naughty or nice way, strengthen what you two believe in, your relationship. Communicating better will give you just that and he’ll appreciate you for it. There are actually clinical studies that show “talking dirty” improves your relationship.

You’d Take the Monotony Out of Sex

Yes, sex can be monotonous when it’s done the exact same way every time. The beauty of talking dirty is that it adds a whole new dynamic to foreplay, having sex, and spending time together after making love. By knowing the right things to say, you are making your relationship exciting and full of positive energy.

What You’ll Learn in My How To Talk Dirty To A Guy Guide:


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You’ll Also Learn…

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• 3 Short Exercises to Stimulate You Sexual Language Creativity. Stumped about how to come up with sexy phrases that will arouse him? Learn how to spruce up your sexual vocab in minutes and discover new “naughty” and “nice” words.

• The One Thing Studies Show Every Man Wants to Hear. These are the words your partner has been craving to hear for years. I’ll show you what to say and how to say it.

• 2 Tips to Instantly Sound Sexy. You have the right words in mind, but will they sound sexy when you say them? You’ll sound sexy even when you’re reciting the alphabet after you read this.

• The One Way To Put Your Body Issues Behind You, Forever. Think you recently gained a few pounds? Putting off sex because you don’t want him to notice? I’ll teach you how to never let your body image prevent you from having great sex again.

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    Talking dirty is a great way to broaden the emotional bond between couples because the languaging is exclusive to you and your man.

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How to talk dirty to a guy

Just like talking about a delicious meal can make it tastier, erotic talk can make sex more appetizing. Most people think “talking dirty” is a vulgar, in-your-face prison-style accounting of what you want to do behind closed doors. But it’s just as often a delicate, tender expression of your love.

Talking erotically means different things in different contexts. It can deepen love or heighten lust. It can help you access sexual fantasies, express your emotional bond, or simply reveal all that is naughty within you. It can be an observation you make of your partner’s body, a compliment of his love-making, a narrative of what’s going on, a preview of coming attractions, an anticipatory exclamation, a sigh, a moan, or a cry.

It’s an expression of what you like, a communication of what you want or an appreciation of what was delivered. It’s the language of love and it can rise to the sky or descend to the gutter. It can be aggressive or tame, naughty or nice, instructive or illuminating. It is many things but it is always expressive.

Erotic talk starts before the clothes come off and doesn’t end until you pull the sheets over you. As you can see below, sexy talk brightens every phase of the sexual experience:

“I love running my fingers through your hairy chest”
“You have amazing hands.”
“I want to kiss every inch of you.”

“I love watching your penis get hard.”
“I love it when you do that.”
“Do you like it when I touch myself here?”

“You taste so good I could do this forever.”
“You feel so good sliding in and out of me.”
“I love the sounds you make when you come.”

Post Sex
“That was amazing.”
“Hold me closer, I want to absorb everything we just did.”
“Have I told you lately how much I love you?”

Talking dirty doesn’t have to be dirty. As you can see there’s a lot more to it than the lunatic ravings of a horny junkyard dog (although there is much to say for that, too). Learning the art of sexy talk is easy. All you have to do is…

How to talk dirty to your partner

A lot of women find it hard to be verbally expressive in bed because, well, they don’t think of themselves as that kind of girl. The fear of being branded a slut, of being judged for being so forward, for acting against your own self-image, or simply being scared of saying something truly lame is enough to treat the bedroom like a library, where even loud shirts are frowned upon. Whether you’re a demure twenty-something, a sophisticated career woman, or a sweet-natured mother of two, talking dirty can seem off-target, like it’s meant for another type of woman.

Of course, being self-conscious about your body adds another layer of reticence. Will talking sexy attract more unwanted attention? How do you express yourself erotically when you hardly want to be in bed in the first place? What if you’re usually silent in bed? Exactly how should you proceed? Slowly. You can’t go from somebody who never utters a peep to somebody who yells, “Drill me with that axis of evil between your legs!”

First, never say that. Second, if you’re in a relationship with a guy who’s so uptight he could crack nuts with his butt cheeks, it might be wise to let him know in advance that you want to talk sexy. Otherwise, you will define awkwardness for the next generation and provoke suspicion to boot (“Where did she learn that kind of talk? Is she cheating on me?” “Where did she get that awful line about the access of evil?”)

That said, most guys love Tabasco Talk. Why do you think they spend $3.99 a minute to hear it? You most likely don’t have to warn him it’s coming, especially if you start slowly and gradually work up to more earthy, lusty language.

The first step to becoming bedlingual.
Start by observing him. What words does he use? What sounds does he make? Does he sigh or moan? When? Is it loud or soft? What effect does it have on you? What words does he repeat? What’s your reaction? Shock? Dismay? Arousal?

Pay attention. Notice. Observe. Then…

How To Talk Dirty To Your Guy

The Erotic Appreciation Exercise.
Simply notice something about his body that you like and say something about it (“I like the shape of your penis when it’s completely hard”). Then say something about his style of lovemaking. Like, “I love the way your kisses automatically make my nipples erect.” It’s simple, really. Notice something you like about your partner and tell him. All you’re doing is putting your thoughts on external speaker. If you feel a little awkward, try whispering it in his ear.

Narrate The Action.
The next step is to describe what’s happening. Is he …

How To Talk Dirty To Men

Engage the erotic feedback loop.
Energy requires dialogue not monologue. Amp it up by responding to the things he says or does. If he says, “I love putting it all inside you,” you can say, “Me too, especially when you slide it in and out of me so slowly.” Not only are you creating more energy but you’re giving him erotic feedback–knowledge he can use to turn you on in the future.

The erotic feedback loop is an important part of talking sexy. You’re not just taking turns speaking–you’re creating an energy spiral. The more excitement you show the more he’ll want to excite you. You say something that turns him on, he responds with something that turns you on and suddenly you’re booked on an inter-planetary flight.

If you can’t say anything nice, say it repeatedly.
Engaging the erotic feedback loop–using sounds and words to indicate pleasure — is critical to sexual communication. Here’s what happens when you don’t engage:

Your partner kisses a hotspot for you–behind your ears.

You don’t say a word or utter a sound, even though you like it.

He moves away from your hotspot and kisses a cold spot.

Now, here’s what happens when you do engage:

Talking Dirty To Your Partners

There’s really only one thing that’s stopping you from talking graphically in bed—you haven’t given yourself permission to do it. Think of talking sexy as slipping into a new persona—the way you’d slip into a dress. Every woman knows how ditching warm-up pants for a sexy cocktail dress with (hopefully) a pair of Christian Louboutins can completely change your perspective. Talking dirty is like that. You’re trying on a new outfit. And just as wearing a corporate suit doesn’t make you a stuffed shirt, talking dirty doesn’t make you a tramp. Talking sexy can be a reflection of who you are or who you never let out. Give yourself permission for a wardrobe change. Here’s how….

Earlier I said it’s not what you say but that you say. I’d like to amend that–it’s also how you say it. The quality of your voice is as important as the content of your words. With the right voice we can get turned on by people reciting the alphabet. But what exactly are the qualities of a sexy voice and how can you bring it forth and put your own personal stamp on it?

Most of us associate a sexy voice with deep, rich, throaty, husky sounds. There’s a reason for that–it’s what your voice sounds like after an orgasm. Experts call it the “post coital voice” because the effects of an orgasm–the release of muscle tension, the change in hormones–move your breathing away from your chest and onto your diaphragm.

So, how can you re-create that “post-coital voice” in the bedroom? By practicing diaphragmatic breathing. You’ll not only feel more calm and relaxed, you’ll cultivate the rich, deep, husky sounds we associate with a sexy voice.

If you’re like most people you’re a “high-chest” breather (your shoulders rise when you breathe). This can raise the larynx, set your whole vocal mechanism out of whack and cause you to sound tense, rushed, and frankly, a little irritating. By practicing diaphragmatic breathing (belly breathing)–you can subtly and sometimes dramatically change your speaking voice.

So where’s your diaphragm? Here’s a neat trick to finding out where it is and how to use it…

Here’s a great way to override the negative thoughts you have about your body so that it frees you to talk dirty with confidence…



This is hands-down the most informative and straight-forward content I have come across on talking dirty. I have learned more about talking dirty through this book than what all my past relationships and friends taught me. Even if you think you’re already good at it, trust me, reading this book will open up a whole new world for you and your partner. Read it to spice up your sex life!
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Cheryl, 29
An excellent guide for women who want to learn how to talk dirty. If you’re new at this or are scared of not knowing what to say, I suggest you pick a copy of this book. I finished it in a day and boy was it worth it…I’m totally “bed-lingual” now!
Diane, 38


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Fernanda, 29
I previously read another book by this author about body image issues that most women (like me) face. That book was a huge help and let me get over my self-sabotaging attitude, so I picked this one up to see what it could offer. I learned more than I could have imagined. I am living a life free of self-doubt, ready to take on new challenges!
Julie, 31
Oh, how fun saying naughty things can be. Michael is not scared to talk about your deepest and darkest fears and I appreciate him to bits for that. Pragmatic and to the point! It totally works and my sex life has taken a turn for the best!
Rhonda, 44
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    With techniques like the Erotic Appreciation Exercise, you’ll know exactly what to say and how to say it.

    Discover vocal techniques that’ll make you sound so sexy he’ll want to make love to your voice!


    Talking dirty is a great way to broaden the emotional bond between couples because the languaging is exclusive to you and your man.



30 Day Money Back Guarantee!
Instantly downloads to your pc, mac, tablet or mobile device.

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