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Why Is Your Libido So Low?





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Is This You?

Sex is often the last thing on your mind because of other responsibilities.  You have a busy schedule, just like many other women. You have certain responsibilities to take care of and this becomes a reason to forget sex or not consider it. Your partner repeatedly shows that he wants to get intimate with you, but you consistently brush him off with one excuse or another. You start making excuses that sound reasonable:  You’re too tired for sex, the kids will walk in on you, you have a lot on your mind.  You become defensive.  You tell him if he worked as hard as you did he wouldn’t want sex either.  Besides, didn’t you just have sex a couple of nights ago?  Whatever.  He’s a sex maniac.  He doesn’t want you, he just wants sex and you’re the closest person around.  If he just appreciated you more for all the housework you do.  Besides, he’s not even that good of a lover.

How can you let go of these negative thoughts and bring sex higher on your priority list?

Is Body Shame Causing Your Low Libido?

Maybe the fear of your partner seeing your body parts you’re ashamed of has compelled you to avoid sex altogether. You keep thinking about the way your thighs looked this morning in the mirror or how your stomach looks when you see it from the side. This paralyzing self-judgment is only making you dig a deeper hole into seclusion and little to no sexual contact with your man.

Your mind has officially hijacked your body and held sex for ransom. You want to have sex, but “can’t” have it because you’re too scared of what he will think about your body. How do you crawl out of this hole and start enjoying sex again? How can you stop avoiding sex every time he comes on to you. When will you stop worrying about your body and how it looks?

Are You Avoiding Sex?

You find yourself going to bed earlier or later than your partner so that you don’t have to face the possibility of his advances.  Or you lay still in bed, pretending you’re asleep, so that he won’t touch you. It’s not that you don’t love him – your sex drive has taken a nosedive. Maybe it’s your hormones playing games with your sex drive or you’re constantly tired.

Whatever the reason, your relationship is strained and you can sense that your man is starting to question the affection you two have for each other. You have built a man moat, foiling the most adept swimmers from reaching the castle.  Some of your observations may be true (you probably are fatigued) but they still keep you stuck in a place you’d rather not be.  How can you start wanting him as much as he wants you? How can you put your relationship back on track by having pleasurable sex regularly instead of once in a blue moon?

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What If You Knew How To Increase Your Sex Drive?

You’d give and get the sexual pleasure you deserve. Instead of denying yourself pleasure, avoiding it, you’d be seeking it and exploring new ways to express it. With my solutions to low libido for women, you’re going to open up a whole new world of sexual and intimate experiences that you’ve never experienced before and it will dramatically improve your life, mood and relationship. 

Your Relationship Would Become More Loving

You may have put unacknowledged emotional distance between you and your partner. Men express their love through sex more than women and by saying NO, you’re not allowing him to express his love for you. Sex is that all-important glue which brings and keeps two people together in a relationship. When a couple can share mutually great sexual experiences with each other their relationship becomes more solid and their bond becomes stronger.

It Would Also Improve Outside The Bedroom 

When low libido women find ways to increase their sexual desire they get a pleasant surprise: Everything changes in their relationship. He starts taking the garbage out more and do the dishes without being asked! Since so much of what happens in the bedroom spills outside of it, good sex often leads to better relationships. A happier man in bed is a more generous, kind and loving man outside of bed.

What You’ll Learn In My Guide To Solving Low Sex Drive In Women:


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You’ll Also Learn…

• How Cultivating Sensuality Outside The Bedroom Lifts Libidos. The path to a higher sex drive starts outside the bedroom door and works its way in.  You do that by cultivating sensuality–training your body to expect, appreciate and flourish from stimulating its senses.  Find out how cultivating sensuality outside the bedroom can increase your sexual desire inside it.

• The One Exercise Proven To Lift Your Libido. Use this twenty-minute workout to dramatically improve your sexual desire. It is the ONE exercise proven by sexologists at the University of Texas to increase low sex drive in women. You’ll be locked, cocked, and ready to rock.

• How To Identify Arousal.  Studies confirm that low libido women have a harder time recognizing physiologic arousal.  They’re less likely to notice or process it as the initial stages of sexual desire. I’ll show you simple but highly effective ways of recognizing ‘flickers’ of arousal so you can turn them into wildfires of desire.

• The Importance Of Sex Toys & How To Shop For Them.  Sex toys are proven libido boosters. They not only ‘prime the pump’ but can give you valuable information about what turns you on. I’ll show you what to look for and how to overcome possible objections by your partner who might feel threatened by them.

• Tune In So You Can Turn On.  Women with low libido are less able to accurately estimate heartbeat, blood glucose levels and muscle contractions.  This tends to create a greater disconnect between the physical signs of arousal (rapid heartbeat, muscle tension, etc.) and your subjective experience of it (“Am I turned on?”).  I’ll show you easy ways to become more self-aware of your sexuality.

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    Learn scientifically proven methods like ‘cuing’, flicker stage sex and self-arousal techniques to boost your libido
    Learn how to do an exercise called “20/70” –studies show it significantly enhances sexual desire, even in women taking anti-depressants! 
    The insights in this book will lift your libido so you’ll stop feeling pressured and harassed and he’ll stop feeling neglected and abandoned.
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What Are Women Saying?

I always looked forward to sex, whether I had it during the day or at night. But lately my libido had decreased and I was always finding one excuse or the other to not have sex. This book has helped bring my libido back through simple methods and I can finally enjoy sex again!
Deb, 40
This book is very different from other content you’ll find online. It has been written with the help of psychologists and other experts, which makes their advice all the more credible. It has made a huge impact on my love life and I recommend it to every woman out there.
Grace, 28
I had tried a lot of different pills and medication to up my libido, but most of them didn’t work and the ones that did had weird side effects. I’m glad I came across this book because it has all-natural ways of improving your libido. Truly grateful to the author.
Fernanda, 41
The methods to make my bedroom more sensual were really effective. I thought my husband wouldn’t really pay attention, but boy did the tips work! You’ll be really surprised by how some of these tip will increase your sexual desire!
Pauline, 26


Girls, you need to get your hands on this book! It’s a quick read and it can really turn your love life around. Stop having sex for the sake of getting it over with. Read the advice in this guide and start enjoying sex by being fully involved.
Hillary, 31
Every now and then I feel insecure about my body, which makes me put sex off. Lately it was happening far too often and I was scared that my boyfriend would start doubting our relationship. Thankfully this book was able to guide me on how to get over my body issues and enjoy sex.
Laura, 44
An effortless read. Contains plenty of information on how to boost your libido. I’d recommend it to women from all walks of life, regardless of what age they are.
Diane, 29
The author has done a truly great job of identifying the key issues most women with low libido face. The instructions in the book to increase your libido are very useful and worked for someone like me who thought my sexual days were one and done!
Dina, 36







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