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Is This You?

You’re sick of diets.  Tried all of them.  Thing is, they ALL worked–for a couple of months and then you’re right back where you started.  You’re tired of the deprivation, the constant monitoring, the weighing of this, the measuring of that.  You’re exhausted from the effort.  The ping-ponging, yo-yoing, swinging from weight loss to weight gain—you’ve had it.

If you’re like me, you then asked yourself a question:  “Can I lose weight without dieting as long as I make up for it by exercising?” So you hit the gym, the track, the yoga studio, and the Pilates class.  You worked it hard but it hardly worked. You learned what I did–exercise may burn calories but it also makes you hungrier.


So now you’re trapped.  You’ve tried dieting and it didn’t work.  You tried exercise and it didn’t work.  You tried BOTH and they didn’t work.

Correction.  Of course they worked.  FOR A  HOT MINUTE. At first you thought, hmmm, maybe I just haven’t found the right diet for me.  So you try more of them.  No dice.

You’re frustrated.  Angry, even.  Then one day a question occurred to you—can you…

Lose Weight Without Dieting?

Certainly you’ve seen people eat what they want and not gain weight.  But can you eat what you want and still lose weight?  Yes, and I’m living proof of that.  Even better, there’s a lot of science that proves it. In fact, if you look at the data you’ll see that the only people who successfully keep the weight off are people WHO DON’T DIET.

Yes, weight loss without dieting.  There are lots of studies proving it but none more prominent than Dr. Brian Wansink’s work.  He’s a consumer behavior psychologist and marketing professor at the Food and Brand Lab at Cornell University. I highly recommend you read his studies (that link is for the American Psychological Association so you know it’s legit) for they are peer-reviewed, highly esteemed and most importantly amply replicated.  Meaning, his results bear out under scrutiny:  You can lose weight without dieting.

There is a growing number of academics, researchers, social scientists and physicians who have taken Dr. Wansink’s studies to heart.  Namely, that you can lose weight without dieting or exercise IF you learn new eating habits, manage your cravings and make slow, incremental changes to your food choices.  Let me cut to the chase about all these academic studies:

The Secret To Losing Weight Without Dieting Is…


But how do you achieve moderation?  THAT is the real challenge.  It’s one thing for science to come to a consensus about losing weight without dieting (moderation).  It’s quite another to learn how to achieve moderation.  Here’s what I mean:  It isn’t that helpful to know I should only be eating three Oreos instead of the 16 I normally scarf down.  I need to know how I give up the 13 to get to the 3!

In other words, moderation requires you to regulate your desires, to manage your cravings, to change the way you eat.  Fine.  BUT HOW?

What If You Could Learn How To Eat In Moderation?

You’d Lose Weight Without Dieting

xsimple ways to lose weight without dieting

You’d be able to eat anything you want and not only lose weight but lose it permanently.  Permanently.  Because you wouldn’t be on a diet; you’d be on a different plane of eating.

You’d know how to manage cravings.

You’d stop overeating.

You’d eat less without feeling deprived.

You’d “shrink” your stomach.

You’d be full with less.

You’d eat healthier without forcing yourself to eat what you don’t like. And because of that, you could eat what you want and still lose weight.

This isn’t magic.  It’s science.  The only thing you’re missing is a plan that puts it all together for you–a step-by-step guide on how to lose weight without dieting or working out.

best ways to lose weight without dietingMy “How To Lose Weight Without Dieting” Guide Will Show You How To: 


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Learn How To…

Painlessly Reduce The Amount Of Food You’re Eating.

Not by white-knuckling it with painful skirmishes into the depths of will power.  By s-l-o-w-l-y making changes in the volume of food you eat.  This is important because your body reacts with a fight-or-flight syndrome when you make drastic changes.  Instead of “cutting something out” you’re going to gradually reduce the amount of it that you eat.  Do you want to live in a world where you can’t eat a donut?  I don’t.  That’s why I turned to science to figure out how to lose weight without dieting or exercising.


Discover The Keys To Self-Control

Will power is over-rated.  It cannot help you lose weight and that’s one of the reasons diets fail–because they rely on it.  There’s something much better than will power–it’s a mindful craving control technique that lets you know when it’s okay to indulge and when it’s not.  Self-control is not self-denial; it’s an elegant way of deciding when you go forward and when you pull back.


Stop Overeating

Think about it–is your problem that you eat potato chips or that you eat too many too frequently?  Exactly.  If you ate a moderate amount of chips on a reasonable basis you would not gain weight.  I’m going to show you how to ease off fat bombs with techniques psychologists use to get people off drugs–habituation and desensitization.  Notice I said “ease off” not eliminate.  Again, do you want to live in a world where you can’t eat potato chips?  Me, neither.


Stop Punishing–Or Rewarding Yourself–With Food

Ever eat a big piece of chocolate cake and say, “I’m going to have to hit the gym extra hard after this!”  Well, forget it.  That’s a dieter’s mentality.  With my system you’ll learn to say, “Wow! That was delicious!  Can’t wait to have it again!”  I’m going to show you how to reframe your journey from “diet” to “health enhancement.”  Wait.  How is eating chocolate cake “health enhancement?”  Because part of being healthy is to experience the joy of chocolate!


Consistently Choose Healthier Foods Because You Want To Not Because You Have To.

Listen, you can learn all my craving control techniques, my methods for how to stop binge eating and eating moderately but at the end of the day you HAVE TO EAT HEALTHIER.  This can be a problem because, I mean, come on, who’s going to choose carrots over cake?  Not me.  But there IS a way to get yourself to like carrots so much that you won’t see it as an either or but an “and.”  I’m going to show you how through a concept called “Nutrilicious.”


Use YOUR Definition of Healthy Foods Not Mine

I’m not going to give you  a list of foods that you can or cannot eat.  Dude (or dudette), THAT’S A DIET.  And I don’t do diets.  And I don’t talk to idiots either.  If you don’t know the difference between healthy and unhealthy foods then do us both a favor and click the “back” button on your browser.  I can only help people who already know the difference and are looking for an approach THAT ISN’T A DIET.  You have to be knowledgeable about healthy foods to lose weight without dieting or working out.


A Sense Of Inner Peace & Calm About Food

Ever notice how anxious you are about food when you’re on a diet?  That’s because deprivation is the mother of obsession.  And guilt –if you “lapse.”  Instead of a vicious circle of guilt and anxiety you’re going to experience a virtuous cycle of joy and enjoyment.


An Enhanced Sense Of Well Being

Food, your relationship to it, can be a life stressor.  By eliminating the anxieties caused by dieting you will experience an enhanced sense of well-being.

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best ways to lose weight without dieting

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best ways to lose weight without dieting


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losing weight without exercising or dieting

I write how-to books for a living.  I dive in to the research so deeply that no matter what I write about I end up being a subject matter expert.  In a way, everybody is a subject matter expert on food.  I mean, who knows better than you what effects food–and your eating habits–have on you?

If Oreos are proof that God exists then I was a fervent believer. I’d eat mounds of them and never gain weight. Skinny all my life, I ate fat and sugar bombs with impunity, earning admiration from many and ire from most. I was not familiar with the word “diet,” though I had seen it on cans of Coke. It all came crashing down in my late 20s when I started to gain weight. The chickens had come home to roost and they weren’t organic. They were vengeful. In short order I had gained 14 pounds and almost two pant sizes.

Suddenly I became intimately familiar with a truckload of diets and tried many variations of them, all to no avail. I found the idea of being on a diet the rest of my life, well, unappetizing. So I went on a quixotic quest for a way to lose weight without sacrificing my favorite foods.

How to lose weight naturally without dieting and exercise

This book is about how I lost 14 pounds and 2 waist sizes and kept it off for 25 years without ever going on a diet. Inspired by Walter Mischel’s iconic The Marshmallow Test, I developed my own delayed gratification techniques, which painlessly—and dramatically– reduced the volume of food I ate. I then adapted strategies psychologists use to overcome drug addiction and phobias (systematic desensitization and habituation) and applied them to eating. The result? I stopped binging on problem foods.

Together, these strategies helped me do what few can: Eat whatever I want in moderate portions. If you’ve ever asked yourself “how can i lose weight without dieting” here is your answer.  Eat It Later chronicles how I did it and lays out a plan for how readers can too. It’s a 3-step process—Reframe your goals from weight loss to health enhancement, Eliminate binge eating through desensitization and Reduce the volume and frequency of problem food consumption through innovative delayed gratification techniques.

I have helped hundreds of friends and acquaintances follow my program–and now thousands through this book.  Learning these techniques was one of the greatest gifts I’ve ever received and I am delighted to pass it on to you.

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“A wellness strategy that changes the way you think about food.
Alvear’s writing style and the structure of his book make for an
easy read and, more importantly, easy use in daily life.”

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What Are People Saying?

The author’s contention of a diet-free loss of weight seemed a little magical to me.  Then one day I had the opportunity to eat a bagel.  Did I?  I used Mr. Alvear’s framework for deciding.  And guess what?  I said NO and I didn’t feel deprived.  I’ve been using a method he calls “postponing the goods” ever since and it works like a charm!

Mike, 30

This book truly surprised me!  I got a lot more out of it than I expected.  When I started applying the weight-loss strategies I not only started losing weight, but also started feeling more balanced and happy.  My friends and family noticed a difference too.  I am enjoying food and life much more.  I’ve stopped mindless comfort eating and feeling guilty about food.  I love that the book is based on Alvear’s own experiences.  I wholeheartedly recommend it!

Sarah, 42

I love this book!  Alvear offers great advice for cravings, impulses, and obsessions.  Now I see that going on diets is what made me fat.  This common sense book will help me have a normal relationship with food and eventually lose weight.  Losing weight slowly is the only way to keep the weight off.  A great book!

Jessica, 31

Excellent book!  I read it cover to cover.  The book is written in everyday language and explains how to delay eating poor quality food in favor of eating better quality food later on.  With practice, the cravings disappear.  This is a unique perspective on behavior modification and mindful eating.  The author suggests satisfying cravings by transitioning from large portions to small portions over time.  He also talks about transforming a healthy food into a “nutrilicious” food, such as adding melted chocolate to apple slices.  I highly recommend this book for people who understand that diets don’t work and the key to losing weight is moderation.

Janice, 30

This book definitely has some innovative healthy eating strategies.  I found the down-to-earth, no-nonsense style of writing very refreshing.  The book isn’t weighed down by unnecessary scientific research details.  It offers just enough evidence to convince me.  These are common sense concepts from a different perspective.

Steve, 33
This book is a fast and easy read.  It provides a clear, research driven approach to eating that stays away from diets.  The author creates a path to joyful eating that results in a healthier lifestyle and weight-loss.  There are no tricks, special recipes, or banned foods.  Don’t get me wrong though.  It’s definitely not a free-for-all!  Alvear appropriately addresses binge eating and delayed gratification.  It’s well worth the read!
Bill, 46

I read this nonfiction book cover-to-cover in one sitting.  A first for me!  I look forward to trying Michael Alvear’s weight-loss methods.  His writing is full of empathy and humor.  He provides a clear strategy for changing your attitude towards food.  He takes out the deprivation and punishment from dieting and replaces them with choice.  I laughed throughout the book and highly recommend it to you!

Shelly, 33

I have read a lot of books about losing weight.  This one is the BEST!  This book is not your traditional dieting book.  It takes a different path – that of well-being.  It turns the diet mentality upside down by focusing on well-being and health.  As a result, the weight comes off slowly.  There are a lot of wight-loss books out there, but this one is the winner. If you want weight-loss that lasts,  you MUST buy this book.

Anne, 40
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Resources For Losing Weight Without Dieting


Health & Nutrition Information

You’re not going to get very far in your journey  if you don’t learn to eat well.  That means knowing what’s nutritious and what’s not.  There are three cornerstones to losing weight without dieting:  1.  Curb your cravings.  2.  Eat Moderately.  3.  Eat well.  It’s a 3-legged stool that gets wobbly if you ignore one leg at the expense of the other.  For example, eating moderately is not going to help if all you eat is fried chicken, steak and pie.

To help, you need solid information and that’s what this section is all about–resources for you to tap into so that you’re armed with knowledge and go forward with wisdom.  Bon voyage!

More Resources

More resources

How To Lose Weight Without Dieting

Useful Articles From Respected Medical Websites

Click the tabs above and you’ll see a variety of research-based studies and observations from clinicians and scientists who study how to lose weight fast without dieting.  You’ll see helpful strategies to reach your goals.

Subject:  Food & Feelings

Category:  How to lose weight without exercise or diet

This article focuses on the relationship between food and feelings and how we sabotage our health through emotional eating. According to’s nutrition editor, becoming more aware of our feelings and how they interact with food are more important than any diet or exercise regimen. The four emotions most likely to impact your eating habits are: Happiness, Anger, Sadness & Fear. The nutritionist then recommends strategies to combat these emotions lest they induce you to disconnect with food.

Subject:  Weight Loss Habits

Category:  Lose weight fast without dieting

This article gives practical strategies for making the most of your time in order to lose weight. Those strategies include considering every decision you make as a chance to do something healthy, eating smaller portions, no skipping meals, squeezing in more movement into your daily routines, and practicing simple food swaps. Other weight loss habits are standing instead of sitting, getting enough sleep, using weekends wisely, being active with friends and family, and using a healthy-meal shortcut. Reflecting on your priorities and carving out time for a few minutes of exercise and eating well are very important when weight loss is a priority.

Subject:  Mindful Decision Making

Category:  Easy weight loss tips without dieting

This article discusses a new weight-loss therapy that focuses on personal values and mindful decision-making. This new approach is called acceptance-based behavioral therapy (ABT). This new clinical trial compared standard behavioral therapy with ABT. Instead of making a weight loss goal based on the number of pounds they wanted to lose, the ABT patients chose a goal based on their personal values. Patients also learned about mindful decision making and how “cues” from their environment — from TV to the presence of tempting food to sheer boredom — influence their decisions to eat. The ABT approach appeared to work better than standard therapy.

Subject:  Choosing A Weight-loss Program

Category:  How to lose weight naturally without dieting and exercise

This health fact sheet gives information about choosing a safe and successful weight-loss program. It suggests talking to your health care provider about your weight as a first step. Be prepared for your health care appointment with questions about safe and effective ways to control your weight. Effective weight loss programs focus on overall health, healthy habits, and a plan to keep the weight off for good. There is not much information on how well online weight-loss programs work. This fact sheet also offers some valuable sample questions about the program’s features, safety, costs, and results.

Subject: The Best Time To Eat

Category:  How can i lose weight without dieting

This article focuses on the best time to eat for weight loss. The International Journal of Obesity suggests that eating earlier in the day is better if you are trying to lose weight. The early eaters in the 20-week study lost a little more weight than the late eaters. They also lost it at a faster rate. The researches suggest that you may want to consider eating at the right time, as it was the most determinant factor in weight-loss effectiveness. While this study is interesting, it was an observational study and there’s still much to learn about whether meal timing plays a role in weight gain. Nonetheless, you may want to try eating an earlier lunch to see if that makes a difference.

Subject:  Increasing Your Confidence In Weight-Loss

Category:  How to lose weight fast without exercise and dieting

This article gives five ways to increase your confidence in losing weight. You improve your chances of weight loss success if you have a strong belief that you can accomplish a goal or change a behavior.  Behavioral experts call this self-efficacy and it has a significant impact on your weight-loss efforts.  You can improve your confidence by setting realistic expectations, recognizing success, maintaining a learning mindset, practicing positive self-talk, and finding healthy support. A few experiments are offered to help you start believing in your weight-loss goals.

Subject:  Easy Ways To Lose Weight

Category:  How to lose weight at home without exercise and dieting

This article gives five easy strategies to shed weight without dieting or exercising. The strategies include drinking water before eating. Hydration is healthy for your body and just one glass of water helps boost your metabolism. Thinking about the scale by writing down how much you weigh each day. The author believes this scale check in helps keep her accountable. Getting enough sleep cuts down on your eating opportunities. Sleep deprivation also throws off your metabolism. Taking your time to eat and chew more takes in fewer calories. Drinking whey protein shakes can also help you lose weight.

Subject:  Satisfying Foods That Help With Weight-Loss

Category:  How to lose weight without dieting in a week

This article shares eight foods that taste great, keep you full, and help you lose weight. The following foods will help you feel more energetic and healthy. Beans are a good choice because they are high in fiber and filling. Salmon is a great source of protein and metabolized more slowly. It’s also an excellent source of heart-healthy fats known as omega-3’s. Eggs are another great protein rich food on the list. Nuts are full of protein, fiber, and healthy fats. Popcorn is a great source of fiber and a healthy snack. Greek yogurt has calcium and protein. Capsaicin, the active ingredient in chili and other peppers that make them spicy, are filling and may help boost metabolism. Water is a staple for weight loss. Some people overeat because they mistake thirst for hunger.

Subject:  Dieting Does Not Produce Permanent Weight-Loss

Category:  How to lose weight quickly without dieting

This article explores the idea that there is no evidence that dieting by itself produces permanent weight loss. The focus of diets on what to eat or not eat ignores the reality that we eat for reasons other than nutritional replenishment.  Some eating is in response to external cues. Eating is also used as a coping method for stress and negative emotional states. Since dieting doesn’t address these issues it isn’t likely to produce permanent weight loss. The author suggests a more inclusive approach to weight regulation, which includes physical activity and helping people understand the different reasons why they are overeating. Practical changes are needed in order to reduce unnecessary eating, increase routine physical activity, and help people regulate their weight.

Subject: Strategies For Losing Weight Without Dieting

Category:  How to lose weight without dieting at home

This slideshow lists ten ways to lose weight without dieting. They include getting plenty of sleep, using smaller plates, eating foods that increase dopamine and elevate your mood, and drinking more water. Eating pickles, broth, green vegetables, and protein shakes are a few foods you can eat that will help you to feel full. Using visual tricks to fool the eye into eating less, such as eating at the table, keeping fruit in sight, and turning of the TV. Eating super foods that deliver maximum nutrition per calorie. Taking advantage of cold weather where our bodies work harder to stay warm. Getting fit at your desk by doing simple exercises. Taking amino acids help weight loss by maintaining muscle mass while weight is being lost.

Subject:  Lose Weight With Healthy Habits

Category: How to lose weight without gym and dieting

This article highlights healthy eating habits for weight loss. Set up your kitchen for healthy eating by keeping healthy foods in sight, reducing temptation, always eating off dishes, and using smaller plates. Practice healthy eating by not skipping breakfast, planning meals ahead of time, eating healthy foods first, enjoying small snacks often, weighing yourself, and keeping your house cool. Break old habits by paying attention to how your body feels after eating certain foods, slowing down to give your stomach the chance to feel full, keeping track of what you eat, and changing how you talk about food. Finally, get support from family and friends to help you stay on track with losing weight.

Subject:  Non-Diet Tips For Losing Weight

Category:  How to lose weight fast without dieting and exercising

This article offers non-diet tips to help you feel less hungry and burn more fat. recommends feasting in the morning, which helps the level of hunger hormone ghrelin drop. Eating something sweet in the morning will help curb your cravings for the rest of the day. Some other suggestions are working out early, taking a coffee break, spicing up lunch, drinking ice water, and looking for recipes that use herbs. The article recommends avoiding nighttime cravings that contribute to weight gain. Watching commercials and food shows trigger hunger. They also advise going to bed early, avoiding distractions and enjoying a healthy snack when grocery shopping, and staying away from stockpiling groceries.

Subject:  Strategies For Weight-Loss Without Dieting

Category:  Without dieting weight loss

This article gives proven strategies for weight-loss without dieting from the scientifically-based book by Traci Mann, Secrets from the Eating Lab: The Science of Weight Loss, the Myth of Willpower, and Why You Should Never Diet Again. The strategies include starting every meal with a vegetable, making healthy foods accessible, making unhealthy foods inconvenient, and making yourself work for the food. They suggest giving healthy foods new adjectives, such as how tart and crisp an apple is. Thinking about food abstractly makes it less tempting. It’s also helpful to plan realistic coping mechanisms when faced with temptation, to know your weaknesses, and to savor your food.

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