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Is This You?

Things have gone stale in the bedroom. In fact, your relationship desperately needs a strong dosage of excitement and stimulation.

Introducing fantasies, beginner bondage, or female submission or dominance would be the perfect way to  reintroduce those exciting days. But you’re stumped about what fantasies to play out or how to go about having alternative types of sex. You’ve spent time thinking of different fantasies in your head, but none of them seem too appealing. You have no role playing ideas.

On top of that, you’re not sure if your partner will enjoy the same fantasies. How can you discover fantasies that turn you on? How can you make sure that your partner has as much fun as you do when you’re role playing?

Bondage For Beginners?

Disclosing a fantasy, no matter how dark or trivial, is kind of like a trapeze act – you jump off the ledge in complete vulnerability and hope that your partner’s hands are there waiting for you when you come out of the flip.

Making your partner comfortable with your fantasy seems like a long shot, so you’ve just avoided the whole fantasy sex game altogether and continue to do it the way you’ve ALWAYS done it. How can you tell your partner about your fantasies (whether it’s bdsm for beginners or more) without making him turn and run the other way?

How can you create a comfortable environment to discuss each other’s fantasies so that you two can discover what the other likes?

Do ‘Civilized’ Couples Have A Bondage Fantasy?

Many couples think women’s fantasy sex is stuff that happens only in porn. A respectable individual such as yourself would be degrading their relationship if they started having submission sex, right?  Wrong.

Fantasy sex, from beginning bondage to other ways of expressing submission and dominance are signs of a HEALTHY relationship.  Some women are satisfied with their current sex life and don’t feel the need to play out fantasies and role play. But what if your partner is looking for something more exciting and adventurous to spice up the relationship? 

How can you successfully transition from having ‘plain ol’ sex’ to enjoying thrilling fantasies, from kinky sex for beginners to more sophisticated BDSM?

Will Domination Or Submission Sex Spice Up Your Marriage?

You may have already tried role plays like a women dominating men scene, but you’re still not sure whether you want to take charge and be aggressive or lay back and enjoy the ride. How can you figure out whether you’re a dominator or someone who likes to be submissive?

How Do You Stay Safe With Female Submission (Or Domination)? 

You’ve heard the stories. Some sexual encounters have left people in the ER. You want to role play, act out your fantasies and play with submission relationships (or dominant ones), but what if things go from playful to painful as it can when you don’t know bondage techniques?

Learning each other’s thresholds is an essential part of enjoying submission/domination sex. If you two aren’t able to read each other properly or haven’t discussed safe words before, what started off in the bedroom really may end up in a hospital room.

How do you learn each other’s pain limits and thresholds?

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What If You Could Spice Up Your Sex Life?

Forget the timid, ‘PG-rated’ sex you’ve been having all your life. When you’re able to enter the realm of fantasy & domination sex and the pleasure it provides to both you and your partner, you have just transcended into a higher phase of sexual contact.

Your partner is going to appreciate the closeness you provide by letting them have you this way and you can expect your relationship to improve thanks to this intimacy.

You Would Experience More Pleasure

Regular sex can only go so far in pleasing your partner– when you start role playing and playing with dominance submission sex, you’ve opened the doors to scintillating sex and becoming a more stimulating lover. Fantasies can make you feel empowered, playful and excited. 

They let you experience things you might never allow yourself in real life. Many people don’t realize how much fun has disappeared from their love lives until they activate their sexual imagination.

You’d Feel Emotionally Closer To Your Partner

Forget the regular missionary position sex you always have – when you’re able to create and live out exciting fantasies regularly, no two sexual experiences will ever be similar.

If you know how to come up with role play ideas—and enact them—you’ll achieve a higher level of sexual bliss. You get to anticipate and eagerly wait for the next time you’ll have sex with your partner (bondage for women–OR men, anyone?) and at the same time, your partner will always look forward to having sex too.

In My Spice Up Your Love Life Guide:

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You’ll Also Learn How To…

• Take Your Erotic Temperature. Take my fascinating quiz that will help you identify your fantasies and  whether you’d prefer to dominate or submit.  And once you understand what they are, discover new role playing ideas, bondage how to’s and techniques like taking turns with “Turn-On Reading” and playing the Erotic Telephone Game. They’ll add a little Tabasco to your love life. 

• Overcome Your Self-Judgments.  We’ll help you identify your fears, anxieties and self-judgments and then use self-lifting techniques to neutralize the negative thoughts that keep you from expanding your sexual horizons.

• Get Ideas For Mild Bondage & Other Female Fantasies. Find out things a woman can do to spice up the bedroom. Have you been trying to find fantasies to play out? I’ve provided an idea-generating catalog of the best erotic novels, photography books and porn-for-women to jumpstart your sex life. You’ll also find the most commonlyplayed roles couples use to improve their sex life.

• How To Persuade A Hesitant Partner. How do you approach a reserved partner?  What’s the best way to get him involved? Find out with my chapter on getting your partner to embrace new role play ideas and enthusiastically embrace new ways of having sex, even submission bondage!

• Handle Sharing Or Hearing Disturbing FantasiesAre you afraid of freaking out your partner with ‘forbidden’ fantasies?  Are you afraid he might have disturbing fantasies that you won’t know how to handle?  Check out my section on keeping everyone emotionally safe when you share your deepest feelings.

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What Are Women Saying?

I’ve always been nervous about trying out the kind of fantasy women daydream about. There are so many stories out there that just make you think you’re better off not doing it. Boy was I wrong! Picking this book up has been the single best decision for my sex life! The role play examples were worth the price of the book.
Erica, 36
After reading this book, I realized that I had misguided and inaccurate ideas about doms and subs. After reading through the role play scripts in this guide I had many moments of clarity (and orgasms!). Get it—you won’t regret it. The bondage and submission recommendations are perfect for beginners.
Christina, 28
I had always wanted to have submission sex and role play with my partner, but wasn’t sure about how to approach him. This book taught me a few simple ways to openly discuss fantasies with my partner in a totally mature way. I thought he would take it badly but the tactics in this guide smoothed everything out. Now HE is the one searching for role playing ideas for couples. Can you believe that?
Jan, 39
I had trouble figuring out whether I was someone who enjoyed being submissive or being the dominator during sex. The simple questions laid out in this book have helped me discover myself and have way more fun during sex! Now I never run out of fantasy role play ideas.
Paula, 33


5-star rating for this book! I’ve picked up other literature on this topic but this one is the most relevant one for beginners (especially if you like dominating men). It shows you how to enjoy alternative sex and it’s full of helpful tips that I use all the time.
Cindy, 45
After trying the techniques provided in this book, my relationship (not to mention sex) has gotten way better. I tried the different roleplay ideas mentioned in this book and my boyfriend, who’s never been that interested in sex, has since started having way more sex with me. Rock on!
Jessica, 31
This is a truly practical guide to having submission dominance sex. I recommend it to everyone, whether you’ve tried it before or want to try it for the first time. From role playing in bed to being doms and subs, this book will guide you through it with expertise.
Andi, 42
I have learned how to have better sex after reading this book. Our role playing fantasies are way hotter and we have bigger orgasms as a result! Really appreciate how the author laid it out so plainly.
Denise, 29

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