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Ladies, the whole point of the book is to learn how to enjoy a hard penis on your terms, without feeling pressured to do or act in ways that aren’t comfortable, comforting or sexually exciting. We provide these videos as examples of women who LOVE giving head, not just for the satisfaction of DELIVERING pleasure but of receiving it.

So much of porn shows blowjobs as a degrading, humiliating aspect that women have to put up with to please their man. These gifs were specifically chosen to show the opposite–that women can give head as a way to satisfy their OWN sexual needs. Notice how much the women are enjoying themselves.

How cool is that, ladies? The power center shifts to you. Enjoy!




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You simply cannot give good head unless you see it as a way of satisfying your own sexual needs. You can have the best technique in the world but if you don’t see it as an avenue to satisfying your own sexual pleasure, you’ll just say things like, “Put it in my mouth, already. I got clothes to fold!”

Think back to the most memorable oral sex a man has ever performed on YOU. What do you remember most—that thing he did with his tongue or the feeling of getting sucked into a vortex of sexual energy that made you temporarily forget your name?

Let me make a few assertions about your memory of that session. That guy who went down on you? He LOVED doing it, didn’t he? It wasn’t just that he was good at it, he L-O-V-E-D licking and kissing you, the taste of you, the everything of you. Technique? Skills? Yes, I’m sure he was good, maybe even great. But that would have just made him a talented laborer. You have that searing memory because he was a passionate lover who loved going down on you. THAT’S what made him great and that’s what’s going to make you great at going down on your partner.

So the question becomes, how do you start seeing blowjobs as vehicles to your own pleasure (the way your guy did in that memory of yours)? How do you cultivate a love for penis? How can you start seeing it as a sex toy for your mouth? How do you get yourself to like blowjobs so much that you want to do it as much or more than your partner wants to have it?

It starts by seeing proof that other women are indeed turned on by blowjobs and not just because they like the effect it has on their men. Here’s one of my favorite testimonials by an extremely perceptive and articulate woman on Reddit:

“I love blowjobs because:

1. The epitome of his manhood is right there, right in front of me. I get an excellent view.
2. My face has much more heightened sensation than my vagina. I can see him, I can smell him, I can taste him, I can touch him with my hands, I can explore all of his contours and textures with my tongue, etc. The feeling of his cock pulsing in my mouth as he gives me his load… None of the sensory stimulation of his cock is as heightened in the vagina as in the mouth (the vagina has the literal sexual stimulation, so it’s not like I prefer one or the other).
3. I can more directly control his pleasure. Him being sexually stimulated his a huge mental turn-on for me–it doesn’t give me literal sexual stimulation, but it’s a big mental turn-on, and sex is half mental anyway.
4. If I’m on my period or I don’t think I can take a pounding at the moment, they’re a great way for me to still enjoy sexual contact.
5. Blowjobs are an act where I’m in control. I usually enjoy being quite submissive, but when I give a blowjob I’m the one doing all the work and controlling everything–he is surrendering his vulnerable manhood to my mouth, and I’m in control of it.”
— V.

Now there is a woman who’s in touch with her sexuality! How can you get closer to her sensibility? By getting in touch with why you like penis in the first place and letting those thoughts SWELL to huge proportions. Let’s take a look at some of those thoughts and why it would make sense to be turned on by giving a blowjob.

A Hard Dick Is A Powerful Symbol of Something You Love: Masculinity
You are attracted to maleness, strength and virility and nothing personifies these traits more than the erect cock. It’s strong, it’s hard and it commands you to surrender. Few things can put your femininity in stark relief to masculinity more than a hard penis. It is not just the staff of life but the stuff of dreams. Wet dreams. It epitomizes almost every aspect of masculinity: It’s big, thick, hard, strong, muscled, driven, and it must be said, without conscience.

If you like a man for being a man, then it’s only natural to crave the symbol of his manhood. When you hold your partner’s erect penis you should (hopefully) be in awe of its strength and want to feel its masculine prowess in every part of your body. His hard-on should give you a “wide-on!”

“I love, love, love blowjobs. I would be permanently attached to a penis if I could. I just love ’em so much.”
— S.

“Cock is yummy! You hear that ‘Merica?”
— R.

A Hard Dick Is Proof That You’re Desirable
A penis gets hard when its owner spies a beautiful, desirable woman. Namely, you. Now if you’re like most body-conscious women, you probably don’t believe your partner when he says you have a beautiful body. You convict him of sexual perjury—lying to get laid.

You won’t get an argument from me—men lie for sex. We practically carry business cards that say “Professional Liar.” But there’s a flaw in your logic. Yes, men will say anything to get laid. To a woman he finds attractive.

See, you have to understand something about men. We give our penises nicknames so we can be on a first-name basis with the person making all of our decisions. And while we lie to do Mr. Happy’s bidding, Mr. Happy himself is incapable of lying.
It’s really difficult for a man to get an erection for a woman he’s not attracted to. Even Viagra, Levitra, and Cialis won’t help. They won’t work unless the man is turned on. They can open up the valves to let more blood into the penis, but they cannot make a man want you. You may be resentful at times of the penis’s persistence or its alarming lack of conscience, but never, ever doubt its sincerity.

Knowing you can turn your partner on (look at that erection!) is the ultimate sexual compliment; a statement of your desirability. It’s a sexualized electrical current with a feedback loop—he gets excited so you get excited. He sees your excitement and gets more excited. And soon you’re both sucked into a vortex of desire.

But what is the outer manisfestation of his desire? His hard cock. It’s not only about you, it’s for you. And that’s why so many women want it more than the latest silicon rabbit.

A Hard Dick Is Your Chance To Be In Control & Exert Dominance
There is yet another way to fall in love with your partner’s yogurt chucker and that is to understand how powerful his erection makes you. After all, his hardon is a response to your presence. YOU are eliciting this response from him. I don’t know of a more convincing display of power than to completely own a man’s attention, to change his physical, emotional and psychological state. You got him hard? You have him right where you want him. Well done!

So how do you dominate him if it’s you pleasuring him? Because YOU decide how he’s going to feel by where you place your hands. YOU decide how he is going to react when you put your warm moist mouth on his member. Again, he is reacting to what you’re doing and that means you’re in control. Revel in it like these women do:

“Blowing my partner makes me feel sexy and powerful because I can so completely control a man simply with my mouth and tongue. And afterwards, he (my man, at least) has a cute, tired smile on his face, and always wants a nice long cuddle-session.”
— T.

“I love the sense of power that I have when I hold my man’s cock in my mouth or hands. At that moment and for the next hour or two…I am in control of what happens…and I am responsible for him having the most sensational, meaningful experience possible.”
— A. in

“It makes me feel so sexy and powerful. I love to watch my guy while I give him a BJ, seeing the ecstasy on his face and knowing that I’m making that happen with my mouth- it feels awesome. Often by the time I’ve finished, I’m so turned on by HIM being turned on, I’ll be wet and ready to go…”
— G.

“I love the emotional power I have over my partner in being able to dictate speed, bringing him to the edge, stopping…..having him scream, beg, or moan. And either letting things calm down and begin again, or bringing things to a head. It’s TOTAL control, one that you decide on, there on the spot.”
–A. in Quora

A Hard Dick Is Your Chance To Enjoy The Pleasures Of Submission
I don’t mean submission in a degrading or misogynistic sort of way, but in the fullness of pleasure sought. You play with dominance and submission all the time, you’ve probably just never categorized it in those terms. If you like to be pinned under your guy, you’ve experienced the thrill of submitting to power. If you like holding him down, you’ve experienced the thrill of wielding it. It’s not possible to have sex without some kind of power exchange. At one moment or another you are wielding or yielding.

In this case, we’re talking about yielding to the power of a hard cock. What does that mean? It means losing yourself in the adoration, the ritual of kissing, touching, and suckling on the force, might and power of his hardness. It means giving in to the exhilarating, liberating feeling of being “owned” by his masculinity. Of showing reverence to Strength.

“It’s a huge turn on and I can orgasm while doing it. I love pleasuring someone else, taking my time, learning all their little buttons. And the submissive side of me really likes being on my knees.”
— T.

“Giving blowjobs is a submissive act for me, and I think that’s what I love about it. I love being on my knees while my SO [significant other] stands over me, looking up into his eyes for approval, the way he grabs my head by my hair and directs what he wants me to do, how much trouble I get in if I forget the rules and start touching myself during it… I’ve absolutely orgasmed while giving a blowjob without even being touched.”
— D.

Submission means that by bending your will to the authority vested in his cock you can experience a form of therapeutic escape, of safety, protection. Of glorifying strength and disappearing into the unavoidable nothingness that comes from relinquishing all power. In this scenario, your mouth is a spiritual offering, a way to exalt his command of you.

Damn. Anybody else feel like a biscuit that just got buttered? Whew!

And now more…butter? Listen to what this straight guy on advises on the romance of submission:

“Succumb to his cock…mentally, physically, emotionally. Give yourself to it. In your mind his cock must be your Sun. It gives you life, you depend on it. Put it far into your throat, gag slightly on it. Tell him it’s over-powering to you. Stroke it with your hands and stare at it like it is made of gold. Think of all the pleasure his cock brings you and reciprocate those feelings. Sit him in a chair, a nice comfy one, and get on your knees in front of him and suck on his cock like he is King of the World. Then tell him to stand up above you, with you on your knees, and ask him to overwhelm you with his cock. Tell him to take control. Obey his cock.

If you can internalize all of this before going into that night, it will show in your performance. I think what really turns a guy on (or at least me) is when you KNOW the girl is truly into it. Truly connected to you and your cock. Totally enamored with it. Techniques and skill pale in comparison to passion and lust.”

A Hard Dick Helps You Experience Submission & Domination Simultaneously
One of the unique things about giving head is that different sexual positions can give you radically different experiences of power. For instance, there’s a big difference between giving a blowjob to a man that is laying on his back vs. kneeling in front of him while he stands vs. him sitting relaxed in a chair. The power dynamics just feel different. Talk to most women who enjoy blowjobs and you’ll find that they revel in a hard cock’s ability to make them either feel powerful or powerless at almost a moment’s notice. As one woman in a discussion forum put it, “the psychological sense of simultaneous submission and power/control is very heady.”

“I love giving my man head. I love how in control I feel if he is laying on the bed, or how he can make me feel dirty and submissive if I’m on my knees. Giving my man a 5 star blowy is the fastest way to get me wet and ready for him.”
— R.

“I love sucking my partner’s cock. It’s like the pleasure you get from a good make-out session, plus the turn-on of taking someone inside you, plus the option to switch the dynamic up as you please between submission and control.”
— D.

“It makes me feel incredibly sexy. I love the feeling of having all the power while simultaneously feeling the ultimate submission to him.”
— W.

A Hard Dick Is The Chance To Take Pleasure From Pleasure Delivered
Pleasure is a coin with two sides. “Heads” means you’re giving pleasure and “Tails” means you’re getting it. Both states of pleasure exist at the same time. All you have to do is flip the coin to experience one or the other. The pleasure of pleasuring cannot be underestimated or overstated. You know you’ve achieved a new consciousness about cock when you think, “I would pay HIM for the chance to blow him” Now, that’s amore!

“I’m someone who is turned on by my partner being turned on. I love when I can see his toes curl and he grips my hair. I also love hearing him moan. Like… The amount of pleasure I get out of him cursing and telling me how good I am is my favorite thing ever.”
— M.

“I love it when they go into overload and start shuddering like they’re being hit with little electric shocks and the breathless words they try to form turn into incoherent fragments of linguistic ecstasy—like incantations from the Orgasmanomicon.”
— N.

“I love giving blowjobs to my husband! It’s so fun and I love to hear how much he loves them. When I have him in my mouth and he’s losing his mind I kinda think ‘Wow, I’m making this happen with my freckin mouth’ (with a little help from my hands, mostly to support myself and have greater control of his penis). It’s pretty awesome! And he returns the favor pretty regularly :)”
— S.

“I really like when guys get vocal. Fucking love it. I enjoy dirty talk but I also just love the sound of a guy moaning, especially if it’s almost like a surprise (i.e. as though he wasn’t expecting it). I find that giving head is a way to almost guarantee some moaning.”
— K.

Again, the pleasure of giving sits side by side with the pleasure of taking. Like Frieda Kahlo’s eyebrows, they cannot be separated. Of course, you’re not the only one enjoying the scene. Your guy has some, er, skin in the game. But his pleasure isn’t always about what you’re doing to him. It’s as much about what you’re making him feel emotionally. Listen to the man who founded

“What do I love about getting blown? So much. Obviously, there are the pleasurable feelings. But they’re just the tip of the iceberg. I mean, on the one hand, who wouldn’t love sustained, loving attention to one’s cock, to the part of one’s body most wired for the receipt of pleasure?

But on the other hand, the bulk of my sexual pleasure and enjoyment happens not in my cock, but in my head: in the land where desire for me is registered. The greatest blowjob, the funnest fuck, pales in comparison to the jolt I receive simply from knowing that you want me – and not just me, but my cock.”

A Hard Dick In Your Mouth Can Make You Orgasm
Can blowjobs provide sexual stimulation for women? Yes. Blowjobs have an undeniably big mental component and they can bring women to climax or to the very brink of it.

“Sometimes after a blowjob, my boyfriend runs his finger along my slit and gets a big, dumb smile on his face once he realizes that giving him head actually made me wet.”
— S.

“I get physical pleasure from it, definitely. I can feel my pussy muscles clenching while I’m doing it because I get excited and it feels really nice when they do. But it does feel nice to have a smooth and slippery cock in your mouth and massage it with your lips and tongue. I’m very playful and like to lick and suck all over and get him very slippery. We both get a lot of physical enjoyment out of it LOL.”
— T

“I can and do sometimes orgasm from nothing more than the knowledge that I have my BF’s genitals in my mouth. Just thinking about it now makes me all kinds of horny.”
— V.

Can You Be A Feminist And Worship Cock?
What a ridiculous question! It’s like asking if you can be a feminist and stay at home to take care of the kids. The whole point of feminism (in my humble opinion) is the ability to freely exercise choice without being encumbered by gender expectations. There is a big difference between saying, “I must worship cock because that’s my role as a woman” and saying, “I choose to worship cock because it gives me great pleasure.”
To me, feminism means owning your sexual desires and expressing them however you see fit.

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