7 Reasons She Won’t Go Down On You.

1. You Smell Like Swamp Ass! The way to her mouth is through her nose. So SHOWER. Try scents like musky vanillas, sandalwood, lavender. 2. Your Johnson Looks Like The Last Chicken At The Butcher Shop. Trim yer pubes. Studies show women prefer groomed pubic hair. The cucumber always looks better rising out of a

The Dark Art of Advanced Ghosting

Why Is He Picking Digital You Over Real You? He doesn’t just respond to your texts immediately; he’s the one who’s initiating them. Yet he never asks you out. And when you hint about getting together he demurs. What is going on? Call it "advanced ghosting." Or getting an advance on his ghosting. The sad

7 Ways To Stop Hating Blowjobs

We're very proud of our designers who came up with our 7-point treatise on getting yourself to like oral sex.  Read it and weep!   7 Ways To Stop Hating BJs 1. Treat His Erection Like A Sex Toy For Your Mouth What better way to satisfy your oral fixation than with his hard, silky

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The #1 Sex Toy Store Online According To Our Customer Satisfaction Ratings

Where To Buy Sex Toys Online How many times has a certain hesitation stopped you from buying a vibrator online? Or exploring butt plugs? Or submission rope? If you’re like a lot of women, the hesitation isn’t about wanting a sex toy or being ashamed of wanting it (it’s 2019 for chrissakes!). The hesitation isn’t

Getting Yourself To Like Giving Head

Is this you at the thought of a blowjob? That's because it’s always about him during the act, isn’t it? The pleasure, I mean. But what if it was about YOU? What if giving blowjobs were so sexually satisfying that you wanted to give them without being asked? That’s tantamount to fiction for a lot

Women And Sexual Dysfunction

Is This Normal? Just like almost all men experience impotence at some point, almost all women experience some brand of dysfunction. You might be right NOT to get help if you pose some questions for yourself: “Am I under a lot of stress?” Test anxieties, work projects and family issues can temporarily saddle you with