An Introduction To The Sexhalation Method

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It’s a safe bet you didn’t come up with the idea of having anal sex. Your partner most likely did. And the main reason you’re resisting is the belief that it’s going to hurt worse than a boy band verse. And that leads to what I call “Anal Glaucoma.” That’s where you turn to your [...]

Losing Weight Without Dieting Is A 3-Step Process

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If Oreos are proof that God exists then I was a fervent believer. I’d eat mounds of them and never gain weight. Skinny all my life, I ate fat and sugar bombs with impunity, earning admiration from many and ire from most. I was not familiar with the word “diet,” though I had seen it [...]

Low Libido, Out. A New and Improved Sex Life, In!

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I see a bright, sexy future for you.  Most women with low libido don’t suffer from physical conditions that prevent them from improving their sex lives.  That means you’re only a few reframes away from […]