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Women And Sexual Dysfunction

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Is This Normal? Just like almost all men experience impotence at some point, almost all women experience some brand of dysfunction. You might be right NOT to get help if you pose some questions for yourself: “Am I under a lot of stress?” Test anxieties, work projects and family issues can temporarily saddle you with [...]

The Diet Book That Says You Shouldn’t Diet

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Is it possible to lose weight without dieting?  Yes, says the author of Eat It Later.  Not only possible but preferable.  “Diets are about deprivation,” says author Michael Alvear.  “Your body has a fight or flight response to deprivation and it will actually make you hungrier to overcome the will power to stay away from [...]

Ladies, Giving Oral Is About To Become Your Favorite Act.

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  Get More Pleasure Out Of Giving Blowjobs Announcing the biggest thing to hit the mouths of booksellers–our founder’s latest guide to great sex.  It’s hysterical, it’s enlightening, it’s HOT. Ladies, if you thought giving head was for his pleasure you’re half right. But what happened to the other half? What [...]

The Importance of Talking Dirty

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Just like talking about a delicious meal can make it tastier, erotic talk can make sex more appetizing. Most people think “talking dirty” is a vulgar, in-your-face prison-style accounting of what you want to do behind closed doors. But it’s just as often a delicate, tender expression of your love. […]