I was writing the occasional op-ed piece for newspapers like The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times and Newsweek when my career took an unlikely turn. A local editor approached me about writing an irreverent sex advice column.

I thought, “Awesome! Send me your cutest employees and I’ll get started.”

I sort of became known as the “East Coast Dan Savage.” I went on to write my first book, a collection of sex advice columns, Men Are Pigs But We Love Bacon (Kensington).

That led to a major production company in London asking me if I’d like to audition for a co-hosting role in a sex makeover series called The Sex Inspectors. With the screen test cameras rolling, I remember the production chief asking me what I thought of women faking their orgasms.

“That’s nothing,” I sniffed. “Men fake whole relationships.”

I got the job.

Once during filming, I sat on the bed with a woman I was advising (don’t worry, we were fully clothed—it wasn’t that kind of show!). The video cameras that we put throughout her house showed how cruelly she rejected her husband’s advances.

I said, “Put your arm around me, I want to show you how you reject your husband.”

She did and I whacked her arm away like it was an unwanted fly and looked away from her.

Indignantly, she said, “I do NOT do that!”

I said, “Yes, you do.”

She knew I was right. I could see her face softening. I leaned in. “Can I tell you a secret?”

She nodded.

I cupped my hand around her ear and whispered something.

She started bawling.

The producer, director and audio people went nuts because the microphone didn’t pick up what I said. The director stopped the filming to give the woman time to compose, took me aside and asked, “What the hell did you say to make her cry like that?

I said, “Men have feelings, too.”

I love giving advice to people. I love to see barriers crack and humanity come to the surface. I hope to do that in this website as well.

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