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Where To Buy Sex Toys Online

How many times has a certain hesitation stopped you from buying a vibrator online?

Or exploring butt plugs? Or submission rope?

If you’re like a lot of women, the hesitation isn’t about wanting a sex toy or being ashamed of wanting it (it’s 2019 for chrissakes!).

The hesitation isn’t WHAT, it’s WHERE.  As in where should you buy a sex toy?  After all, there are over 200 stores online specializing in mail-order orgasms and a great deal of them are shady.

You may not have verbalized this to yourself so we’ll do it for you: Imagine the inconvenience and out-of-pocket costs of ordering a sex toy that doesn’t work from a company that makes it nearly impossible to return it or get a refund.

It’s one thing to complain to your office mates about calling Comcast for the internet going out but what about a defective sex toy?  You can’t exactly say, “My vibrator quit just as I was about to part my waters and the villains at’s customer service won’t answer their phones!”

Well, you could say it but….

At any rate, you won’t need to if you look at our ratings of online sex toy stores because you can order from stores that have a proven record of customer satisfaction.

Introducing The Top 10 Sex Toy Stores Online

We’ve rated 200 online stores in our report titled, Where To Buy Sex Toys Online. Here are the Top 10:

RankStoreBest Sellers PageHot Deals PageFree Shipping on orders ofSupportReturn GuaranteeFree Return Postage?
1Adam & EveBest SellersHot Deals$59+Phone, email, chat90 daysNot specified
2BabelandBest SellersHot Deals$69+Phone, email, chat30 days if defectiveNot specified
3Too TimidBest SellersHot Deals$65+Phone, email, support form30 daysNo
4EdenfantasysBest SellersHot Deals$50+Phone30 days if defectiveNot specified
5LiberatorBest SellersHot Deals$75+Phone, emailYes if approvedNo
6StockroomBest SellersHot Deals$99+Phone, email30 days if defectiveYes
7Ella Paradis Best SellersHot Deals$49+Phone, email30 days if defectiveNot specified
8Vibrators.comBest SellersHot DealsNAPhone, email30 days if defectiveNot specified
9Early 2 Bed ShopBest SellersHot Deals$125+Phone, email60 days if defectiveNot specified
10Hustler HollywoodBest SellersHot Deals$0+Contact form30 daysYes

Hey, wait a minute! What about the rest of the 200 stores? You’ll see them in a minute. For now, let’s be realistic: If you can’t feel comfortable ordering from stores that ranked 1-10 out of a list of 200 then we’ve failed at pleasuring your consumer sensibilities!

We kid.  There are lots of reasons to go further down the line–some stores specialize in items you prefer or some stores might offer better incentives important like free or low shipping costs.

How We Got Our Store Ratings

We couldn’t very well order items from 200 different stores so our ratings are NOT based on our opinion.  They’re based on the opinions of verified customers in surveys done by independent product review companies.

The easiest way to understand this is through Google’s Seller Rating–a score Google gives to companies who hire independent research companies to survey their customers or embed Google’s code into their websites (you’ll know this as “Google Reviews”).

Now, the truth is that only about 30 of the 200 online sex toy stores have a Google Seller Rating. How did we determine scores for the rest of the pack?

Through a combination of third-party research companies that score websites on Domain Authority, PageRank and TrustFlow.  We don’t want to get too far into the weeds with this so suffice it to say that these companies offer metrics that rank websites on their popularity and trustworthiness.

The bottom line: You don’t have to guess or take a risk on an unknown store. You can look at our ratings and see how third-party independent companies rank them. Again, you are not seeing our opinions of the best stores; we have aggregated data from unbiased sources to rank them.

Now for the first time buying a sex toy will be almost as pleasurable as using one. Enjoy! 

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