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Is This Normal?

Just like almost all men experience impotence at some point, almost all women experience some brand of dysfunction. You might be right NOT to get help if you pose some questions for yourself:

“Am I under a lot of stress?” Test anxieties, work projects and family issues can temporarily saddle you with dysfunctions like loss of desire.

“Is this normal for me?” Some unwelcome phases are not necessarily dysfunctions. For example, it’s not unusual to lose a high sex drive for many weeks and then suddenly regain it and then lose it again months later. If this is normal for you as is it is for many women, then you don’t need treatment; you need patience.

“Is this a reaction to my partner?” Many women experience “sexual side effects” from troubled relationships. Not feeling loved or cared for, or being in a distraught relationship can trigger unwanted dysfunctions. In this case you don’t need a doctor; you need a counselor or pastor to help you deal with the relationship.

If none of the answers to these questions resonate then wiggle your index finger and dial for help. Sexual dysfunctions are often easily treated. Get help. Suffering is optional.

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