testicles and blowjobsTesticles are like martinis:  one’s not enough, two’s just right and three’s too many.  The vast majority of men have two testicles, unless they were born with a birth defect or suffered injuries.

The scrotum is the sack that holds the testicles, which produce sperm and testosterone.  The muscles in the scrotum are affected by temperature.

When it’s warm, the scrotum and testicles hang lower.  When it’s cold they sit tight against the skin and sometimes even disappear into the body.

Testicles are extremely sensitive.  No doubt Mother Nature made them that way to remind men to stand guard over their precious jewels. Of course, Mother Nature is a post-op tranny.

What else could explain the fact that she made testicles the genetic equivalent of female ovaries?  The same sack of cells that become testicles in men become ovaries in women.  The testes actually rest inside the pelvis during fetus development and descend before birth.

Testes is Latin for “To Testify.”  Instead of placing their right hand on the Bible, early Romans put their hand on their testicles while bearing witness in a public forum.  I can only imagine the judge asking, “Do you swear to tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth, so help your balls?”

 But I digress. Let’s answer a question that keeps every guy in suspense during oral:

What Are You Going To Do With Those Balls?

Hopefully, a lot.  They are exquisitely sensitive to touch and if you’re serious about delivering Ritz-Carlton level pleasure you will pay devoted attention to them. How to give a good blow job is more than just your mouth meeting his penis.

First, a little on why men’s scrotums are so sensitive.  One, they lack protection in the form of bones, large muscle mass and fat. Two, they have a ridiculously high number of sensory nerve endings, so every touch, no matter how minute, carries noticeable sensations.

A good rule of thumb is to treat them like grapes, so don’t apply any pressure let alone the kind that would turn grapes into wine.

Why Is There A Line Going Down His Penis And Testicles?

All men have it.  It’s a sort of “seam” on the underside of the penis.  It forms when the fetus is in the uterus. In women, the seam becomes the vagina’s inner lips.  In men, the seam encloses the urethra along the length of the penis.


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The Cup & Coddle

Ball Handling 101 starts with cupping the scrotum in your hand. The warmth of your hand provides half the pleasure (and helps loosen the scrotum skin, making it more sensitive to stimulation) while the rest of the arousal comes from applying slight pressure or a tender tightening of your grip around the sack.

Familiarize yourself with the feel and movement of your man’s balls by finger-juggling the scrotum, as if you were working Chinese meditation balls.

Pinch & Roll

You’re probably familiar with the pinch-and-roll method since it’s a popular way to stimulate the labia.  Technically, the scrotum skin is nothing but a labia infused with a Y chromosome, so treat it with love and respect, but mostly kindness.

The elasticity of the scrotum skin makes it one of the most pliable parts of a man’s body. Whether a guy’s sack hangs loose or taut, use your thumb and index finger to apply small, gentle pinches on the scrotum, then roll the skin between your fingers, manipulating the soft tissue to maximize your man’s satisfaction.

Tug & Squeeze (Lightly, Please!)

Some dudes are super sensitive in the scrotum region and don’t enjoy any tugging, while others (not many!) like a little more aggressive play. The majority of guys fall in the super-sensitive category, so it’s best to start out with a gentle tug and gauge how your man responds.  This is not the time to practice your handball techniques.

Use your thumb and index finger to form a ring around the base of the scrotum where it attaches to the body. It’s not essential that your thumb and finger tips connect, but you want to grip as much of the scrotum as you can for ideal pleasure and comfort.

Gently tug the scrotum away from his body to make the skin around his testicles stretch tight, which exposes more of the scrotum’s nerve endings than when it’s in a relaxed state.

Do the ‘W’

Now that your mouth has made contact with the balls, let’s pivot to learning how to pleasure your guy’s scrotum with your tongue. Lick the balls or let them rest on top of your tongue as you juggle from one to the other.

A good way to start licking the balls is by laying on your stomach with your face toward his crotch, then use the tongue to trace a ‘W’ — gliding down the left side of his ball sack, going up-then-down in between the balls, then finishing with an upward lick along the right side of the scrotum.

This easy technique makes sure every part of the scrotum receives attention, warms your guy up for more physical contact with his balls, and helps you get an idea of how sensitive this region is for him.

For an extra electrical charge, use the “Gleek” technique to flood your mouth with saliva then deliver it with a flattened tongue on his scrotum. You’ll cover a wider area and make him believe the world is ending slower.

The Best Blowjobs Include a Little Hmmmm

Place one or both of your guy’s testicles in your mouth, use your lips to gently tighten the grip, then begin to hum — either by stretching out your normal moans, or with a focused hum that would put a smile on a Tibetan monk.

The nerves just beneath the scrotum skin are especially receptive to vibrating sensations. Alter the “verbal massage” by adjusting the timbre and tempo of your hum. Slow the pulsating down by using a deep-pitched hum or increase the rate of vibrations with a higher pitch.

Breathe & Relieve

Ironically, almost no one blows during a blowjob, but blowing air is an important part of your arsenal. Here’s a fantastic trick that’ll have him scrunching the sheets:  Blow air on his nuts after you’ve moistened them with your saliva. He’ll experience a refreshing coolness that tickles the flesh.

Your mouth is a multi-convection fan, so don’t limit its output to a cool stream of air.

For another type of sensation, hover your gaping mouth above your man’s scrotum, then use the back of your throat to push out a blast of hot air on the balls, which relaxes and loosen the skin, and makes the scrotum more receptive to stimulation.

In the next post, we’ll help you fix something that might be holding you back: your gag reflex. In the meantime, check out these really weird facts about balls.

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