deep throatAre you frustrated that you can only take a couple of inches of your partner’s banana before you start gagging?

Are you scared of being choked to death by “Frankencock?”

Are you adventurous and want to see if you can “deep throat” guys (put their erect penis into your mouth all the way to the base) to give the best blowjobs?

There’s only thing stopping you:  Your gag reflex.  About one in three people have no gag reflex (a lot of them are undoubtedly porn stars!).  But quite a few have a hypersensitive throat.  Never mind big penises, they can hardly swallow pills.

The Soft Palate Can Cause A Hard Stop

The hero and villain of any deep throat session is a part of your mouth known as the soft palate.  Hero because this spot makes the head of the penis feel like a million bucks pre-tax; villain because this is the spot most likely to cause gagging.

To locate the soft palate do this:  Take your index finger and put it inside the roof of your mouth with the palm facing away from you.  Glide the finger along the roof of your mouth for about an inch. Notice how hard and relatively unforgiving it is?  That’s the hard palate.


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Keep going and you’ll notice a distinct change in the feel of the palate.  It becomes much softer.  That’s where the soft palate begins. The hard palate contains bone so do NOT bang your guy’s penis against it during a blowjob—it does not feel good!  However, the soft palate is muscle and tissue coated in mucus membranes and a penis will feel dreamy up against it.

Play cupid by introducing the head of your guy’s penis to your soft palate and you’ll soon discover that it’s a match made in heaven. The soft tautness of your throat around his throbbing head can send you both into an almost transcendental euphoria, where you can feel his pulse beating inside your throat.

But only if you train your gag reflex.  Otherwise, it’s going to be a real pain in the neck and keep you from giving great head.

Unfortunately, the soft palate frowns upon deep throating, since touching it with any object (especially a dick) typically triggers your gag reflex. So the question becomes, how in God’s pajamas are you supposed to put an over-sized kielbasa down your throat without coughing like a Kentucky coalminer going up the stairs?

Fortunately, your gag reflex can be trained into submission so that even the most shallow of throats can swallow the longest of swords.

How To Get Rid Of Your Gag Reflex To Give The Best Blowjob

The best way to avoid gagging is to stop a hard penis from going past the hard palate into the soft palate, but really where’s the fun in that?  By spending just a few moments a day with the process you’re about to read you can substantially reduce your gag reflex and enjoy years of unencumbered head without so much as a muffle.

Here’s how to do it:


The process of desensitizing your soft palate is, without question, the most effective way of diminishing and sometimes getting rid of your gag reflex. The process gradually acclimatizes the soft palate to being touched in deeper and deeper areas without triggering the gag reflex.  Here’s how it works using a toothbrush:

  • Find out where your gag reflex starts by touching the tip of your tongue with the head of a toothbrush.  Now work your way back by touching deeper parts of your tongue.  It won’t be long before you, COUGH, COUGH, COUGH find the trigger point.  There it is!  Keep the head of the toothbrush right there.  Yes, you’ll gag but only for a few moments.  Slowly, you’ll stop gagging as your body realizes it’s not in danger.  Once you can comfortably keep the head of the toothbrush in that spot for about ten seconds without gagging, lightly brush the spot for a few seconds.  If you’re still gagging choose a spot closer to the tip of your tongue and start there.
  • In the next few days go to the exact same spot and repeat the process. Notice how you’re gagging less and less.  Once you’re no longer gagging at all…
  • Touch the toothbrush about ¼ to ½ inch further back from the spot where you used to gag.  This is your new starting point.  Hold for ten seconds.  Now brush.
  • Go to the exact same spot and repeat the process until you no longer gag.  Keep moving the toothbrush further back over the next few days. Do you see what’s happening? Your gag reflex is being desensitized. Keep moving farther and farther back until the toothbrush touches the soft palate.
  • Now touch the toothbrush to the soft palate and repeat the process, only don’t brush.  It’ll hurt!

Be persistent and don’t rush. For desensitization to take hold it must be done slowly and over time.  This whole process should take you about a month.  But think of the prize:  Swallowing foot-long hot dogs.

With relish.

Thumb Clenching

This is a popular dentists’ trick that distracts your brain. cites a study showing it is effective in tamping down a gag reflex. All you have to do is make a fist with your left hand and clench your fingers around your thumb. The top of your thumb should not be visible.

Put a fair amount of pressure on your thumb. If you want to test it, put a right hand finger down your throat as you clench your left thumb. You may notice a pronounced decrease of your gag reflex.  Why does it work for some people? Scientists think the pressure may simply be distracting enough to stop you from gagging.

Apply Pressure To Your Hegu Point

According to the same Lifehacker-reported study, putting pressure on the Hegu point can hold off the gag reflex. The Hegu is the concave soft point between your thumb and index finger. Pinch it hard and it can relieve the gag reflex.

Apply Pressure Between The Chin & Lower Lip

This too seems to diminish the gag reflex. You could get your partner to do it but that’s a serious commitment to what amounts to a sexual parlor trick. It may be more work than it’s worth. Still, it’s an option.

Numb Your Soft Palate.

You can use a numbing throat spray to desensitize the soft palate, or a gel that’s normally used to relieve tooth pain. The effects should last for about an hour.

As you can see, you have several options to load more cargo in your mouth.  These techniques will help you tame your gag reflex for routine blowjobs. 

In the next post, we’ll get your hand into the act, too. In the meantime, check out advice from 17 real people – road head anyone?!

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