The Diet Book That Says You Shouldn’t Diet

lose weight without dietingIs it possible to lose weight without dieting?  Yes, says the author of Eat It Later.  Not only possible but preferable.  “Diets are about deprivation,” says author Michael Alvear.  “Your body has a fight or flight response to deprivation and it will actually make you hungrier to overcome the will power to stay away from certain foods.”


Instead of deprivation Alvear recommends moderation.  Easier said than done.  After all, if it were easy to eat 3 Oreos rather than 20 at a single sitting, most of us would do it.  This gets at the heart of Eat It, Later.  How do you ACHIEVE moderation?  With strategies, according to Alvear.  The heart and soul of his plan are delayed gratification techniques that allow you to eat what you want but only if you really want it.


Ever had a fat bomb cupcake and think, “Why did I eat that–I wasn’t that hungry?”  Alvear contends it’s because you don’t have a system that helps distinguish between low, medium and high cravings.  By only indulging in fat bombs when your cravings are high you can virtually eliminate all low and medium-craving eating—and therefore lose weight while eating what you like.

We tried this system for about a month and were shocked at how many fattening and sugary foods we cut out by simply saying NO when we had low to medium cravings for them and YES when they became high.  This book is full of easy to follow strategies that have nothing to do with counting calories or fat grams.  We highly recommend it.  

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