An Introduction To The Sexhalation Method

anal sex tipsIt’s a safe bet you didn’t come up with the idea of having anal sex. Your partner most likely did. And the main reason you’re resisting is the belief that it’s going to hurt worse than a boy band verse. And that leads to what I call “Anal Glaucoma.” That’s where you turn to your partner and say, “I can’t see you in my ass.” Millions of women can’t seem to get past their physical and psychological stumbling blocks to enjoy one of the most intense sexual experiences they can have.   This is a shame because as you’re about to find out, you can easily have anal sex without pain by using The Sexhalation Method, a new technique I developed with the help of a team of experts, including a yoga guru, a respiratory psychophysiologist, a colo-rectal specialist and a physician with a masterful knowledge of anatomy.


Anal Sex For Beginners


Anal intercourse isn’t just about the physical sensation of being penetrated. It’s the emotional high of accepting someone else’s presence inside a part of your body. It’s the psychological thrill of being momentarily “owned,” of submitting yourself to the strength of another man. If you’re in a relationship it’s an act that enhances the feeling of union. If you’re single it’s a hot way of having fun. And if you’re YOU, it’s an act that fear and pain prevent you from completing. If you’re reading this blog you probably fall into one of two types of women:

  1. You Really Want To Have Anal Sex But You’re Too Afraid To Try. You just can’t imagine how something as big as an erect penis can fit into an orifice as small as your anus without causing an excruciating amount of pain. You’re probably also afraid of the mess you might leave behind on the sheets. Some women live in mortal fear that anal intercourse will create a “shit show” in the bedroom and stain their psyches as well as their sheets.


  1. You’ve Tried Having Anal Sex And It Hurt Like Hell. In fact, it was as painful as you feared and while there wasn’t a shit show, there was the odd smell or tire track that kinda grossed you out. You stopped trying even though still, to this day, you want to have the experience of pain-free, pleasure-filled anal intercourse.


Pain, or the fear of pain, is the biggest reason women shy away from backdoor sex. It doesn’t have to be that way. The only reason it hurts so much is that you don’t understand the three sources of pain and how to avoid them. In this series I’m going to show you specific techniques and anal sex tips that will allow you to experience the ecstasy of anal sex without pain.


Anal intercourse is not the sexual equivalent of walking over hot coals. You don’t have to put yourself through hell to get to the other side. You just have to follow the plan I’ve developed with the help of respected medical experts in the field of urology, proctology, yoga, psychology and gastro-enterology.


I’ve been writing about sex for over ten years. I starred in an international hit TV show called The Sex Inspectors. I’ve also written several sex books and write a popular, syndicated sex column. I’ve answered thousands of questions over the course of my career and if there’s one thing I’ve learned it’s that women don’t want acres and acres of explanations before getting down to essential information. I know when you ask for the time you don’t want to know how the watch was built. And so I’m limiting the information in this series strictly to answering a single question: How can you have anal sex without pain or stains?

What you are about to read is not opinion, but a consensus from the brightest medical experts as to the most effective way of avoiding pain and maximizing pleasure–without ever having to worry about hygiene.


Are you ready to have anal sex without pain? Stay tuned!

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