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Get More Pleasure Out Of Giving Blowjobs

Announcing the biggest thing to hit the mouths of booksellers–our founder’s latest guide to great sex.  It’s hysterical, it’s enlightening, it’s HOT.

Ladies, if you thought giving head was for his pleasure you’re half right. But what happened to the other half? What about your pleasure? In Blow Yourself Away, we don’t just show you how to give a blowjob, we show you how to get more out it than your partner does!


Check out the intro to the book and see if it doesn’t leave you gagging for more (sorry, we couldn’t help it).  With quotes from over 40 women about getting the most out of the act, you’ll get completely new insights on pleasure–how to get it and deliver it.  Enjoy your soup!

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If you’re like most women, you’re giving what I call “Canadian blowjobs.” You know, well meaning but dull. Not just for him, but for you.


That’s about to stop. Because with this book I’m going to show you how to give the kind of head that’ll get you married or promoted. Raise your hand if that last sentence offended you. Now, slap yourself…okay, that’s getting redundant. My point, and I do have one, is that this isn’t going to be a dry, boring, tedious roundup of BJ banter. It’s going to be a politically incorrect, no-holds barred romp that’s going to leave you locked, cocked and ready to rock your man.


More importantly it’s going to do what no other book on the subject has done: Show you how to enjoy a hard penis on your terms; to discover the joys of your partner’s genitals without feeling pressured to do or act in ways that aren’t comfortable, comforting or sexually exciting. It’s about appreciating the strength, length, width and hardness of an erect cock because of what it can do for you, not for what you can do to it.


Many women think that blowjobs are something you do for your partner. While you can get a lot of pleasure out of “giving,” things can go sour if you lose or ignore your own urges and desires. I have a different proposition: Blowjobs are for you as much as they are for him. They shouldn’t be a chore but a choice you make for your own pleasure.


I call my approach the “selfish blowjob” because it’s more about you than him. Yes, of course, your partner will get a lot out of it, but his satisfaction, while necessary, is beside the point. It’s your pleasure that matters.


Wait, how can that be? Blowjobs are for men! Women are merely the vehicle to deliver them, no? Men receive the pleasure while women give it. It’s like entertaining your in-laws. You don’t do it because you want to; you do it because your partner wants you to. Plus, it’s work! The blowjobs, I mean. Although you could make the same case for the in-laws.


Of course, not every woman dislikes blowjobs (or their in-laws). There are a growing number women who absolutely love it (you go, girls!). And you’re going to hear from lots of them later in the book. Through my years of writing sex advice columns I can tell you that the majority of women don’t fall into “love it or hate it” camps.   I could sum up their feelings in one word: Meh. The good news is that by the time you finish this book, you will have a completely different attitude (and aptitude!) about giving head.


I’m going to show you how to turn a Meh into a Meow. I’m going to show you how to think of it as a turn-on, not a turn-off. By the time I’m done you’re going to be gagging for it (as opposed to on it). You’re going to see blowjobs as an effective way for you to pleasure yourself, not just him.


In fact, this is what separates this book from all others on the subject. Learning techniques is fine—if all you want to be is a skilled worker. But to truly give great head, you have to see it as a critical to your own sexual satisfaction.

Learn How To Give A Great Blowjob

I’m not just going to show you the art of getting through giving. I’m going to show you something far more powerful: How to get so turned on by blowjobs that they become necessary for your sexual satisfaction. I’m going to show you that it’s possible to like them so much that you will beg your partner to let you do it. Like this woman:


“I have no idea why but there are some days where I’m actually craving the feel of cock in my mouth and I basically need to persuade my boyfriend to let me do it. I think it’s partially to do with his scent that he emits during sex.”

— T.


You are going to hear from over forty different women on why they love giving blowjobs. Their stories and anecdotes come from blog posts, columns and discussion boards all over the Internet (especially Reddit. In fact, if the quote isn’t directly sourced, it means it came from a Reddit thread). They answered a simple question: “Do women like giving blowjobs?”


Some answers are informative, some are moving, some are shocking and some are funny. Put together you’ll see a common theme in their mosaic of quotes: It is possible to turn a boring chore into a stellar choice. It is possible for women to like giving blowjobs as much or more than the men receiving them.


Let’s find out how you can, too. Your pleasure-mobile just pulled up and it’s going to take you places you’ve only dreamed about. Hop in.

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