Just like talking about a delicious meal can make it tastier, erotic talk can make sex more appetizing. Most people think “talking dirty” is a vulgar, in-your-face prison-style accounting of what you want to do behind closed doors. But it’s just as often a delicate, tender expression of your love.

Talking erotically means different things in different contexts. It can deepen love or heighten lust. It can help you access sexual fantasies, express your emotional bond, or simply reveal all that is naughty within you. It can be an observation you make of your partner’s body, a compliment of her love-making, a narrative of what’s going on, a preview of coming attractions, an anticipatory exclamation, a sigh, a moan, or a cry.

It’s an expression of what you like, a communication of what you want or an appreciation of what was delivered. It’s the language of love and it can rise to the sky or descend to the gutter. It can be aggressive or tame, naughty or nice, instructive or illuminating. It is many things but it is always expressive.

Erotic talk starts before the clothes come off and doesn’t end until you pull the sheets over you. As you can see below, sexy talk brightens every phase of the sexual experience:



“I love running my fingers through your hair”

“You have amazing legs.”

“I want to kiss every inch of you.”



“I love feeling you get wet.”

“I love it when you do that.”

“Do you like it when I touch you here?”



“You taste so good I could do this forever.”

“You feel so good with me sliding in and out of you.”

“I love the sounds you make when you come.”


Post Sex

“That was amazing.”

“Come closer, I want to absorb everything we just did.”

“Have I told you lately how much I love you?”


Talking dirty doesn’t have to be dirty. As you can see there’s a lot more to it than the lunatic ravings of a horny junkyard dog (although there is much to say for that, too). Learning the art of sexy talk is easy. All you have to do is…


Notice the sensations in your body. Express them.

Ask for what you want. Talk about it.

Anticipate how good it’s going to feel. Breathe heavy.

Think about your fantasy. Voice it.

Notice her body. Compliment her.

Does it feel good? Tell her.

Do you like the way she’s touching you? Moan.

Are you getting hard? Groan.

Are you close? Announce it.


Erotic talk is about reflecting, creating or intensifying passion through sounds and words. It’s caressing your lover with language. Learn to do it well and sex will fire on all five cylinders.

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