In the ideal world Mr. Man has the confidence to ask for your number, but too many don’t. So sometimes a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do and sometimes a girl has to give him her number and make him think he asked for it. You can do it in funny, clever ways. The idea is to chase him until he catches you. Here are some great examples that amp up the fun with zero awkwardness:


Example #1:

You: Show me the funniest pictures on your phone.

Him: (brings them up).

You: Ooh, I love that one! Text it to me so I can send it to my friends and take all the credit for it.


Example #2:

You: Here, let me show you some funny pictures on my phone.

Him: Oh, that one’s hilarious!

You: Right? Here, forward it to yourself (hand him the phone). But I want full credit when you send it to your friends.


Example #3:

You: Let me see your phone for a sec.

Him: Why?

You: I want to take a picture of you so you can send it to me (take pic)

Him: Cool. What’s your number?

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