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We Are The Rotten Tomatoes of Sex Toys

We aggregate reviews from critics and users to help you make the right decisions. 

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What We Do

We give each sex toy a score based on the opinions of sex toy reviewers AND users with verified purchases.

How We Do It

The old-fashioned way:  Lots and lots of research!  First, we scour the web looking for the latest sex toy reviews and rate them on a scale of very negative to very positive.

Next, we check out every online sex toy retailer to see if the product has reviews from verified purchasers.

Then we combine the critical consensus with the user ratings into a single, understandable score. This gives you one-stop access to expert-critic reviews and “civilian” user ratings to help you make better decisions.

That’s amore!  Now, shopping for sex toys is going to be almost as much fun as using them.

Why Is Buying Sex Toys So Confusing?

•  There are THOUSANDS of sex toys out there made by countless manufacturers.

•  Expert reviews are premised on the idea that your body is built like the reviewer’s.  But our genitals and orifices come in all sizes, shapes and locations (your clitoris or prostate gland might be bigger/smaller and positioned differently than the reviewer’s).  That’s why it’s possible to buy an unsatisfactory toy from a respected expected reviewer.  

•  Most reviewers do not compare competitive products in a head-to-head match, not in any useful, meaningful way.

Many reviewers make money from their reviews, thus have a conflict of interest in what they write. Are they recommending it because it’s good or because they’ll make money if you buy it?

•  There are way too many products for any one reviewer to test.

online sex toy storesThe result?  Analysis paralysis brought on by too many choices and no real way of curating the best options without relying on a single reviewer’s personal tastes.

We’re Ending The Confusion of Buying Sex Toys.

Instead of relying on individual sex toy reviews we’re going to curate the best sex toys by crowd-sourcing all the reviews together, determining a single score and presenting it to you in an easily understood way.

Introducing Data-Driven Sex Toy Reviews

We do an enormous amount of research compiling reviews from different sources (Google Reviews, third-party product reviews, verified purchases) to get a weighted average. The result? A single score for each sex toy, allowing you to make side-by-side comparisons.  

How cool is that?

We will soon be introducing our scores for vibrators, g-spot stimulators, butt plugs, prostate massagers and more.  Sign up for our alerts here.  For now…