Your Brain on Sex: How Thoughts Can Affect Your Libido

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Fantasies remove you from reality.  They lift your attention off the tarmac, leaving reality at the gate with its nose pressed against the window.  But scientists have only recently discovered that […]

Increase Your Sensuality In The Bedroom: It’s Not The Bored Room

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The path to a higher sex drive starts outside the bedroom door and works its way in.  You do that by cultivating sensuality–training your body to expect, appreciate and flourish from stimulating its senses.  Doing so […]

Low Libido, Ladies? Learn How To Fix It

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Low libido, a low level of desire for sex, even with someone you love, is more common than you think. There are many reasons for low libido—stress, hormones and for a growing number of women, body image. For example, if you see sex as an opportunity to be shamed your body probably responds in three [...]

Ladies, Giving Oral Is About To Become Your Favorite Act.

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  Get More Pleasure Out Of Giving Blowjobs Announcing the biggest thing to hit the mouths of booksellers–our founder’s latest guide to great sex.  It’s hysterical, it’s enlightening, it’s HOT. Ladies, if you thought giving head was for his pleasure you’re half right. But what happened to the other half? What [...]