Even The Best Carpenters Use Power Tools: Buying Sex Toys That Work

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Buying sex toys is a little like opening a Christmas present–you never know whether you’re going to like it until you open the package, and then it’s too late.  Only a few companies give you a satisfaction guarantee and I’m not aware of any “try-out” rooms before you buy.  And you can’t exactly […]

Turn On Your Mind and Your Body Will Follow

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What exactly is a fantasy?  It’s your erotic imagination applied to people, places, and activities.  Fantasies can not only help libido increase for women, but also make you feel empowered, playful and excited.  They let you […]

Turning Yourself On: Do You Know Where The Switch Is?

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Have you ever seen a speaker tap a microphone that’s obviously working and ask, “Is this thing on?”  That’s actually what happens with low libido women.  All the physiological signs of arousal are […]

Your Brain on Sex: How Thoughts Can Affect Your Libido

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Fantasies remove you from reality.  They lift your attention off the tarmac, leaving reality at the gate with its nose pressed against the window.  But scientists have only recently discovered that […]

Increase Your Sensuality In The Bedroom: It’s Not The Bored Room

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The path to a higher sex drive starts outside the bedroom door and works its way in.  You do that by cultivating sensuality–training your body to expect, appreciate and flourish from stimulating its senses.  Doing so […]