Power Play: You’ve Already Been Doing It, You Just Didn’t Know It

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As you saw earlier, fantasy operates a busy transportation hub in your mind, capable of projecting you to its different territories without so much as an overnight bag.  Well, there’s a second, related hub that can […]

Overcoming Emotional Roadblocks To Anal Sex

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Anticipatory pain and the belief that backdoor sex is “wrong” can put your butt in a headlock. Here’s how to resolve the emotional blocks that stop you from trying or enjoying anal sex.   Preparing For Anal Sex   No amount of sphincter relaxation exercises, breathing patterns and desensitization techniques can overcome a paralyzing fear [...]

Cookies and Blowjobs: Life Is Too Short To Save Either One For Later

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The idea that blowjobs should be reserved for something special is yet another attitude from a bygone era that still finds purchase today. You’ve heard it before (and some of you have actually said something like […]

The Diet Book That Says You Shouldn’t Diet

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Is it possible to lose weight without dieting?  Yes, says the author of Eat It Later.  Not only possible but preferable.  “Diets are about deprivation,” says author Michael Alvear.  “Your body has a fight or flight response to deprivation and it will actually make you hungrier to overcome the will power to stay away from [...]

An Introduction To The Sexhalation Method

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It’s a safe bet you didn’t come up with the idea of having anal sex. Your partner most likely did. And the main reason you’re resisting is the belief that it’s going to hurt worse than a boy band verse. And that leads to what I call “Anal Glaucoma.” That’s where you turn to your [...]